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Re: Loop Windowing

At 12:22 PM 11/1/2003, Apollonius wrote:
>I spent all night experimenting with loop windowing
>and and couldn't get it to do it at all by multiplying
>then re-multiplying,

make sure you are remultiplying it to be smaller than it was, otherwise 
windowing makes no sense and won't do anything. Also, make sure there are 
interesting differences in past variations of the loop to go back to. If 
you multiplied the same basic loop and didn't add anything else over all 
it, the windows will all sound the same.

>Is loop windowing only available if you are totally

doesn't matter.

>Or will loop windowing still work if you have the
>quantize set to any one of the following: LOP, OFF,
>CYCLE, or 8th?

it works with any setting of quantize. It only depends on if you want it 
quantized or not.

>  Does it matter how you set the switch quantize, or is
>that irrelavant for loop windowing?

that parameter only affects switching between multiple loops, which is 
irrelevant here.

>How important is the 8ths/cycle setting for loop

not very.


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