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Re: Staying in sync with a drum machine when using half speed and reverse

At 12:36 PM 11/1/2003, Apollonius wrote:
>How exactly do you get the echoplex to stay in sync
>with a drum machine when you are using the half speed
>and reverse buttons a lot?

quantize or realign.

>Is this even possible at all?


>Or is the only thing you
>can do is let it go out off sync and do a re-align

or use quantize.

>Does it work better using the echoplex midi out to the
>drum machine midi in
>or using Drum machine midi out to echoplex midi in?

They both work fine, but they are totally different. which you want to use 
depends on what you are doing.

It's sort of like wondering if the car works better if you are the driver 
or the passenger.

>Or can you do it either way and stay in sync?
>Do you have to be quantized to stay in sync when using
>the half speed and reverse buttons?

it's way easier that way.

>If so what do you
>have to set the quantize to?

cycle or loop make the most sense.


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