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RE: Pedal Response with Echoplex

(none other than Kim himself says):-
>  I use the Boss FV-50L pedal, it works fine and controls the volume 
>  as it should. 

I kind of remember a debate about this from way back.
Don't have time to battle the archives, so I'm relying on
memory here ;-(

The result seemed to be that the EDP had been designed to
work with a 9K ohm sweep in resistance, 
so that you could use a 10k pot (with 10% tolerance) and still
get 100% feedback.
The FV-50L is 25K ohm and hence there's quite a good
proportion of it's sweep that doesn't do anything.

It's quite hard to set the feedback to an accurate number
on the display using the FV-50L.

In FLIP mode it makes the crossover from input to loop
less controllable, as most of the range of the pedal is either
full on or full off, (maybe not a bad thing though)

I think matthias suggested 2 ways to improve the pedal for
EDP use.
1) solder a 10k resistor across the pot (or both of them for stereo)
2) parallel the 2 pots.(connect each tab on the right ch pot to the 
corresponding one on the left )

maybe different "editions" of the EDP vary in this respect
(I have 2 from the last of the beige face editions).

Is there a simple EDP mod to alter the EDP to suit the pedal?

andy butler