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My treasured Quadraverb V2 is dead.  I was thinking about trying to get 
another one on Ebay, but then I started wondering if the state of the art 
hasn't improved in the last six years.  So I'm asking for people's 
favorite multi-effects.

My needs:
Digital In/Out
Flexible Programability, but not too complicated (I want to be able to 
edit without a computer attached)
Good Midi implementation
Good reverb
Rack Mounted (this will live in my studio most if not all the time)
Reasonably priced (sorry, can't affored Eventide or Kyma)

I already have:
Ensoniq DP/4+
Korg DL8000R
Korg AM8000R
Alesis Wedge
Yamaha SPX/90

Any suggestions?



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