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Re: PSP42 versus PCM42

Title: Re: PSP42 versus PCM42
At 12:44 PM -0700 4/30/03, <stanitarium@earthlink.net> wrote:

  • When the unit is in Repeat mode, are you able to change the delay tap? If so, what happens to the material in the loop as you press the Inc/Dec buttons?
*nothing happens to the captured audio until you disengage the repeat button. and then it catches a truncated version(random) depending on what you padded those buttons to. there is no pitch change.*

I wouldn't expect a pitch change because the inc/dec buttons just change the delay tap without affecting the clock rate. I wasn't sure what to expect from changing the delay tap while repeating.

  • If the feedback level is set to produce multiple echoes, and you put the unit in Repeat mode, is the recycling audio captured into the loop, or just the incoming audio without the echoes?
*its all captured.*

As it should be.
  • If the Output Mix pot is set to the Input position and you put the unit into Repeat mode, what happens?
*dont quite understand-repeat button is saving whatever has been captured. mix pot set to 'input' lets only the input(dry)signal to be heard.*

The Output Mix pot should not have any affect on what is being fed into the delay; it controls the mix between the an altered input signal and the output of the delay. My assumption is that audio is always being fed to the delay, so if you capture a loop while the Output Mix is set to "Input" you will still be capturing the incoming audio. You just won't her the looping until you move the pot (or the remote pedal) to "Delay." PSP42 does not work this way.

  • If the Output Mix pot set in the Delay position and you capture a loop, and you then turn the pot to the Input position, what happens?
*your loop sound decreases incrementally as yer input sound increases.*

Right.  PSP42 does not do this. Even with the mix set to "Input" all you hear is the loop.

  • If you have already caputured audio into a loop, and the feedback pot is set for multiple echoes, what happens when you take the unit out of Repeat mode?
*it eventually fades over time if set at full feedback-but it can take a LONG time.*

PSP42 does not work this way.
any more questions i can help w/?
i have  a copy of the owners manual i can send ya-dr.

This confirms what I thought I remembered and what I could interpret from the block diagram. I do have a copy of the PCM42 manual (though sadly no PCM42)

looking forward to that review-where will it appear?

This review will be on the audioMIDI.com site, probably in a couple of weeks. I'm a regular contributor to that site (I just finished a review of Vokator).

I'm in a bit of a quandary on PSP42, since I think it's brilliant in most ways but "broken" with respect to these few functions. I'd rather not make too much of deal about this in the review, since I'd prefer it to be mostly positive. I also think that these points could be on a "to do" list for a future update.

Anyone who designs a software emulation of a piece of classic hardware faces the problem of whether to slavishly copy the original or to make "improvements" in the soft version. PSP have done this with a couple of features, such as the clock implementation and the way the infinite repeat works. The PCM42 would always loop the entire contents of memory and not just what was defined by the delay tap.  Personally I never liked that. PSP42 loops the current delay time.

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