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Re: PSP42 versus PCM42

Title: Re: PSP42 versus PCM42
the good dr. writ:

-This confirms what I thought I remembered and what I could interpret from the block diagram. I do have a copy of the PCM42 manual (though sadly no PCM42)

they are still around. i saw one at <audio images> here in the city-they had it listed for $1500-but i think they would negotiate.
i have to say of all the stuff i have bought and *abused* over the years-the lexicon pcm 42 is the most imaginative,unique, user-friendlee,tweekable unit ever-and the fact that <bob sellon> turned them into loop machines only increased their usability.
the sound they make is beautiful-i bow in the direction of <gary hall> the mastermind  behind the curtain. saw him @ loopstock03 and its nice to see him around! thanx man