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Re: Admin query

> In the mean time, shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to hear 
> your whining.

YEAH! (arms folded, 7 foot tall, bulging black suit)

I'd contribute. I'd pay...I dunno...$5.00 a year. There are, what, 6,000 
members. That'd pay Kim back. I think it's a grand 

Or better yet...(this reminds me a little of Lord of the Flies)
how about all the cool geeks setting up their own looper's page
and compete with this page and see how well fed you are at the
end of the night. It's a big, dark, scary forest out there, boys. Strike 
out on yer own and watch out for the caniballs. 
Sort of similar to what White wrote in The Once and Future King: "like 
likes like."