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Quasi-Gig Alert (Eastern Iowa)

Greetings all,

I usually lurk around here, but I've been known to post in the past.

Anyway, this coming Friday and Sunday nights I'll be performing with the 
largest looper's rig I've ever been involved with: a 60+ member 
choir.  We'll be performing 3 pieces I wrote for the group, all of which 
feature looping in various configurations (though all loops, mangled or 
otherwise, will be performed manually by the choir...old world looping 
technology at work).

If any of the following are of any interest to you, you should check out 
the concert:

extreme hocketing (a la Louis Andriessen, Robert Fripp)
non-linear minimalism (think Stravinsky crossed with Reich)
modernist refraction of Renaissance polyphony (Palestrina crossed with 
Schoenberg;  like P.M. Davies but not nearly as sinister)

OK, those should do as descriptions for the 3 pieces of mine to be 
performed on the concert.

The details:

Who:  Chorale Midwest
When:  Friday, May 2 and Sunday, May 4; 7:30PM (both are evening 
Where:  First Lutheran Church, Cedar Rapids, IA
How Much:  $10 for adults, $8 for kids and seniors

After the concerts are done and I can take the time, I'll write something 
about how some of the more esoteric functions of the EDP have influenced 
non-real-time looping compositions.


Jon Southwood