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bouncing (Admin query)

the original message on this thread discussed being unsubbed as a result of
bounced mail. (attributed to mail filters, hence the chatter about that)

I've had that problem for a few years on LD, it appears that LD msgs would
be bounced back from my account now and then, and I would get unsubbed.
Since I filter into a folder and don't read the list daily, I sometimes
wouldn't realize it had happened for days (or weeks). I love having the
local archive for searching and browsing (although I finally had to cull it
when it got into astronomical proportions after a couple of years)

This is the only list that's ever happened on (of dozens) for me, so dunno
why. Anyway, I had to stop using my main email account for this list. No 
deal, but thought I'd mention it as others may have had the same 

For whatever reason, the LD mail program seems to be very sensitive to
bounces.  If that's happening to you, you might try using a different
account if that is an option.

Bob Campbell