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Tubes versus Modeling Caged Death Match

ok, last nite i finally decided to rehook up all my "guitar stuff"
sans my zoom 9150 tube preamp. i've been debating going "all digital"
for some time, ie: simplifying & maybe scaling back my effects.
well, i can say, i wasn't too thrilled w/ the sound. yes it is clean 
sounding &
no noise, but seemed a little "lifeless/stale/digital" etc (you know
all the classic stereotypes). i will probably keep it that way for a few
more days, but i have a feeling i'll rehook up the tube preamp and not
get rid of it like i debated.
so i  take back everything i said yesterday. i like digital modeling, and
it's a useful tool, but i doubt i could go "all digital" for my main