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RE: Bill Walker's amp modeler

    Jerry Seinfeld was in town Friday... Anyway I do the same, I run my 
GNX3 through a pair of Ampeg Jets and it screams.  I can get feedback on 
some of the settings too which I was never successfull at before with the 
Pod! Even though I liked it that's why I sold the Pod Pro. I really like 
the GNX/Ampeg setup but it doesn't replace my Mesa Boogie, and the Jamman 
in the GNX is nice but more of a writing tool than a looper.  I use the 
RC-20 Loop Station with it to give it more flexability but the EDP is my 
looper of choice.  I use the EDP along with a Repeater and the FCB1010.  
The EDP has soooo much more flexability that it is hard to go back to 
anything else and add a Repeater and your musical world is yours to 
command!  Inspiring!