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RE: Bill Walker's amp modeler

--- Weg <theweg@netzero.com> wrote:

> Anyway I do the same, I run my GNX3
> through a pair of Ampeg Jets and it screams.  I can get feedback on some 
>of the
> settings too which I was never successfull at before with the Pod! 

For me, at least some of the "feel" thing with my DG Stomp has to do with 
volume involved. Sure, it's not quite like my Marshall, but if I have it 
through a monitor wedge, as loud as an amp next to me would be, the 
behavior is
very "amp like". At home in the studio, it doesn't quite have the same 
vibe, even
though it's going through a similar signal chain (into a mixing console, 
a solid state power amp, into set of full range speakers). It's probably 
volume, 'cause I don't get that loud at home.


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