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RE: Looping percussionists

i loop congas, but i am not very good at it yet.
i'm mainly a guitarist...

>... free from the rigours of melody 
> and harmony (LOL what a load of pretentious crap :)

yeah, those tonal elitists!
first against the wall.
wait til you meet some microtonal types...

>... In my 
> own practises I've found it relatively easy to build up a big 
> samba or other parts-based piece, 

this is like how i tend to loop congas.
mostly i have been learning afrocuban beats and it is
great practice to play each part into the repeater (or acid on pc)
then drop one out and work that part...

i have yet to perform on congas, since just getting the strokes
right has taken more than a year (and still working)

>I've also enjoyed messing 
> around with voice and just whatever instruments or noises I 
> have to hand.  I haven't really heard any percussionists' 
> takes on this so I'm interested to hear what approach anyone 
> else is taking, I'm happy to share from my brief experiences 
> to date if that is any use.

yes, please.