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Lawson versus LaFosse Caged Death Match

Ye verily forsooth,

Steve Lawson wrote:

> ...and I'll second whoever it was who was digging Andre's Boogie-tone -
> coupled with his boogie-dance, it's a show-stopper... ;o)


One good back-handed compliment deserves another...

> ...but you can 'simulate' being a clown by dressing like one, which I 
> is a more analogous analogy <grin> than the simulating dressing like a
> clown.

Tell us then, Steve: where does walking on stage with shiny fingernail
polish, a tight silver t-shirt, and feathered blue jacket fall on the
"clown simulation" vs. "clown dress simulation" continuum?  8()

I certainly hope Geoff Smith gives you due credit for single-handedly
bringing the influence of John Nathan Turner-era "Dr. Who" aesthetic
sensibilities into the looping paradigm...  ;)

The proverbial big love,