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Looper Throwdown

It WOULD be interesting to hear Kimmie loop--I hear he demonstrated his bad
self at the Loop IV debut party, one of the Cali fun fests I tragically had
to miss . . .  Also missed Loopstock I where Matthias played and the Giants
of Looping Quartet (LaFosse, Walker, Manring, Lawson). . .  But you can't 
everywhere now can you?
As far as the Surf Loop King's "Mirrors of Embarrassment"--Stan got some
props from Kim in SLO--so I know there is love in the cyberroom . . . Maybe
Rick will make room for Mr. Flint at Y2K3 in the fall?
I am happy to be associated with such a bunch of intelligent and probing
musical types--long live looping!
PS  I ain't got no product neither--
PPS  However, I did play at Y2K2 and Rick promised me a spot at the next
one!!  OK!!!