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Re: Using midi to control tempo on EDP

This is a little old but still needed an answer:

At 12:54 PM 4/14/2003, Steve Ginn wrote:
>ok, according the LoopIV upgrade manual about TempoSelect, the tempo can 
>be fine tuned with the insert and mute buttons.

correct. although as Matthias says it was kind of a last minute addition, 
and we didn't manage to come up with a good way to show the fine tuning on 
the display. You can hear it change if you are using the clock out to 
another device, and if you tap it enough eventually you see the time 
display change.

>In order to facilitate the use of these two buttons, could these buttons 
>be mapped to a couple of buttons on a pedal?

They are. From the standard footpedal you can press Insert and Mute during 
TempoSelect to fine tune the tempo, same as with the front panel. If you 
use MIDI, the midi VirtualButtons for Insert and Mute also do the same 

If you hold the buttons down it continually increments the tempo fine 

>Aren't these two buttons essentially acting as what the manual calls a 

no. the DataWheel is when we are in a parameter editing state and convert 
the feedback knob to a DataWheel. Then it can be used to edit the 
quickly, rather than tapping the button a lot. In the case of TempoSelect, 
the DataWheel does the coarse adjustment of the tempo.

>Can the DataWheel be controlled by a midi continuous controller that is 
>able to automatically increment or decrement just by holding the button 
>rather than pressing it multiple times?

As noted above, you can use the midi VirtualButtons for Insert and Mute to 
do the fine tune of the tempo. Holding them down will steadily change it, 
so you don't have to tap it all the time.

The DataWheel function can also be controlled by midi. The Echoplex uses 
cc# 6 for DataWheel, which follows the midi standard. So by using cc# 6 
during the TempoSelect mode, you would control the coarse tempo adjustment 
the same as if you were turning the feedback knob on the front panel.

>Also, how does Overdub work while in SyncRecord mode?

SyncRecord is when you record something in sync to a clock (either 
or external), and the start time is not necessarily aligned with the 
downbeat. If you want to start recording in the middle of the bar for 
example, you can with SyncRecord. You just tap Record right in the middle 
and it starts recording. The Echoplex still pays attention to the clock 
knows how long the loop is supposed to be. When you tap Record again to 
end, it will still round off the cycle so that your loop is perfectly in 
sync. From there on it continues to listen to the clock and maintain sync.

On the other hand, if you have Quantize on it will always wait to start 
recording at the startpoint (downbeat) defined by the clock.

Overdub works just the same as it always does during SyncRecord. If you 
Overdub to end the SyncRecord, it will wait until the end of the cycle, 
the record and start playing the loop, and immediately have overdub on.

> From my understanding of the manual, once the tempo has been selected, 
> the beginning and ending points of the loop/cycle are already 
> defined.  Can drones be recorded in predefined lengths using this method 
> and should Overdub be used in these cases to create a smooth drone?



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