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Re: Pedal Response with Echoplex Digital Pro using "In" Loop Mode

It is so true.  A bunch of people talked me out of buying the smaller 
Roland pedal... an EV5 I think... anyway I got the EV7 instead and I 
really don't like it at all.  Way too big for me.  If anyone wants to 
trade the smaller 5 for the bigger 7, I'd do it in a heartbeat.


On Sunday, April 27, 2003, at 07:05 PM, Kim Flint wrote:

> I use the Boss FV-50L pedal, it works fine and controls the volume 
> properly as it should. They are easy for people to find in stores. For 
> me the control range and taper feels fine, so I don't have a problem 
> recommending it. But that's subjective. If you don't happen to like 
> the range, feel free to look for something else and let us know what 
> you find. There are a lot of pedal options out there and I certainly 
> haven't tried even a fraction of them. I think Hans once recommended 
> an Ernie Ball pedal with a low impedance pot, maybe you will like that 
> one better.
> good luck,
> kim
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