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Percussion Looping: MICING and MONITORING

Hey Steve,

you wrote:

>>The biggest hurdle for me is taming the Mic- mixer-EDP-monitor problem;
> because, the monitor is constntly feeding the mic. which continues to be
> recorded into the EDP resulting, at best, as an overthickening of the
> loop. At worst, horrible feedback rips off my head.
> Solutions:
> If I'm recording I monitor through headphones. Live is a different
> situation, so I use a sm57 which is a very good uni-directional mic.
> that decreases feedback potential. And as soon as I'm done with my mic
> level sources (which usually is after the first or second pass) I mute
> that channel and loop the line level sources.
> An in ear monitor would be perfect if you have many mic level sources or
> need to use a more sensistive mic.

While touring with Martin Simpson, I had the opportunity to use two
AKG C1000s condenser microphones with a very, very narrow cartoid pattern
induced by a little plastic 'focuser' that comes with the mic.

Results:   all the high end accuracy of a really good condenser microphone
(that makes a Shure SM57 sound very black and white indeed) and not much
problem with feedback.

If you can find someone to purchase a pair of them they only cost $150
As a professional percussionist who tours a lot backing acoustic and
electric musicians, these mics changed my whole life.  They do require
phantom power, however, which is found on most good boards (like the

Also, viz a vis, monitor,  I have purchased these really inexpensive but
high quality open ear headphones from RADIO shack to do my monitoring.
They are just great.  You can hear everything acoustically because they are
very light weight and open ear and at the same time, there are NO feedback

They are also low enough profile that they don't look like big clunky
They fold up to nothing as well.

If you wait, you can find them several times a year on sale for $20.  I
always by
two pairs when they go on sale and keep them around everywhere (portable CD
players, minidisc, monitoring, a set in my car).

Try 'em,  you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Yours,  Rick Walker