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Re: EDP Insert question

At 08:47 AM 4/25/2003, Michael Peters wrote:
>In the setting for this piece, I have turned the mix button far up to the
>'loop' end - I want the original signal to be hidden, only the looped part
>is supposed to be heard over the PA. So after having recorded something, 
>EDP loops it and people can hear the loop.
>Now I want to make inserts. The problem is that while I record the new
>Insert, there is nothing to be heard - because I have set the EDP mix to
>Is there a way to hide the original signal - but not hiding it during the
>recording of an insert ? (the newest EDP software is installed.)

Here's how to do this:

- Instead of using Insert, use Multiply.
- Start the multiply, and let one repetition play, this will be the one 
- at the second cycle of the multiply, drop feedback to 0 as you begin 
playing new stuff.
- Continue playing for however many "inserts" you want to do.
- End multiply, and return feedback to 100% as the original cycle starts

Because it is Multiply, the original material continues to play as you add 
new material. Because you still have Mix set to Loop, nothing you play at 
that time is being heard as you play it, but it is being added to the 
Because feedback is at 0 while you are multiplying, the original material 
in the later cycles of the multiply will be gone the next time around, 
leaving only the new stuff. You will only hear the old stuff as the 
Multiply is being done, so the sound does not stop for the audience.


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