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Hi all

Do anyone know what the first looping pieces were to use digital equipment.

i.e. the first pieces of looping music made using the lexicon pcm42????

Also does anyone know what were the first commercially available recording
made with the Paradis Loop Delay after its release in 1991???

This is for my history of looping essay.
which seems to be going well
So far the people who have contributed are Terry Riley, Pauline Oliveros 
most of the San Francisco tape Music Center, Steve Lawson.
People who are helping me at the moment, David Torn, Amy X, Pamela Z, Andre
Lafosse, Various Max/Msp programmers etc.
Still trying to get contemporary classical artist Jim Fulkerson

Its proved a hell of an education for me so far!!!

So if you know anything, no matter how small please speak up!!



P.S. I will have my 2nd EDP soon, can't tell you how excited I am. I don't
give a damn about stereo I just want independant loops!!!

If I ever become rich, or should I say when I become rich  man I'll buy ten
of the motherfreakers!!!!