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Asking the architects (Re: LOOPING TRIVIA QUESTION)

Hi Geoff,

Geoff Smith wrote:

> This is for my history of looping essay.
> which seems to be going well
> So far the people who have contributed are Terry Riley, Pauline Oliveros 
> most of the San Francisco tape Music Center, Steve Lawson.
> People who are helping me at the moment, David Torn, Amy X, Pamela Z, 
> Lafosse, Various Max/Msp programmers etc.
> Still trying to get contemporary classical artist Jim Fulkerson

I'm absolutely flattered to be invited to contribute to your work,
Geoff, and I greatly appreciate your interest.

I do have one suggestion, though, which is that I think it would be very
useful and important for you to seriously consider talking to some of
the key designers and inventors involved in this stuff as well.

Off the top of my head, Gary Hall, Bob Sellon, Matthias Grob, Kim Flint,
Mike Nelson, Damon Langois, Claude Voit, and Andy Butler are all people
who have seriously impacted the feature set that's available on loopers,
and played very key roles in the evolution of the technology.  (I'm sure
I'm leaving out and/or simply ignorant of a lot of other pivotal folks
as well.)  

Since you're obviously making a serious effort to be comprehensive with
your writing, I do think it'd be very valuable to get the points of view
of the key folks who made this stuff for the rest of us in the first
place, if it's possible and/or fits in with the planned angle of your 

Anyway, thanks again for your work and interest - I certainly look
forward to seeing your finished result, and I'll send you my answers 


--Andre LaFosse

> Its proved a hell of an education for me so far!!!
> So if you know anything, no matter how small please speak up!!
> Thankyou
> Geoff
> P.S. I will have my 2nd EDP soon, can't tell you how excited I am. I 
> give a damn about stereo I just want independant loops!!!
> If I ever become rich, or should I say when I become rich  man I'll buy 
> of the motherfreakers!!!!