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Re: Using Boss RC-20 Live

This is an excellent idea.  One of those, "why didn't I think of that?!" 
ideas.  Thanks!

BTW, I have officially abandoned the idea of purchasing an RC-20 and, 
instead, purchased a Boomerang for live "hands free" use.

Thanks again to all!!


>  A work around I've learned to use is to just first record a blank 
> loop.  Since a lot of what I do is synced to a sequence, it doesn't 
> matter.  Since the Repeater's loops are non volatile I can do this ahead 
> of time.  Then it's just a matter of selecting a loop that corresponds 
> the sequence and whoop there it is.  Kind of like treading a tape 
> with a specific length of tape.
>Mark Sottilaro

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