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Re: Using Boss RC-20 Live

Hello everyone. I have lurking for a wille, and this is my first post.

In relation to the topic.: Yes it does!  Record a loop in a blank track, 
when you stop, the overdub function engages itself automaticly. With just
another record press and your in overdub-land. I use this constantly.


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> --- Soren <Soren@DeathRattleRecords.com> wrote:
> > Are the following conclusions/assumptions correct?
> > 3. To over-dub an EXISTING loop, the process is the EXACT SAME, except
> > the existing loop MUST be playing when you press the left
> > pedal.  Furthermore, over-dub is similar to the Repeater, in that you
> > not go directly from recording a new loop to over-dubbing; but, 
> > you have to wait for one initial play cycle (or portion thereof).
> FWIW, you don't need to wait an entire loop cycle to get the Repeater 
> overdub, you can start overdubbing as quickly as you can hit the record
> again. It just won't transition from initial loop recording to 
> one button press like the EDP will.
> Greg
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