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Re: Using Boss RC-20 Live

On Wednesday, April 23, 2003, at 08:24 AM, Greg House wrote:
>  It just won't transition from initial loop recording to overdubbing 
> with one button press like the EDP will.

True be that.  The reason it won't go right into overdub is that it has 
to write some silence at the beginning and end of the loop for the trim 
function.  I *never* use that function, but some may find it useful.

  A work around I've learned to use is to just first record a blank 
loop.  Since a lot of what I do is synced to a sequence, it doesn't 
matter.  Since the Repeater's loops are non volatile I can do this 
ahead of time.  Then it's just a matter of selecting a loop that 
corresponds to the sequence and whoop there it is.  Kind of like 
treading a tape machine with a specific length of tape.

Mark Sottilaro