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Re: [Paris Loopfest] I probably wont be here :(

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From: "Stuart Wyatt" <loopersdelight@solostring.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2003 18:45:PM
Subject: [Paris Loopfest] I probably wont be here :(

> Hi all,
> I've been absent from the list, the net, life and music in general over 
> the past month or so. I had a series of computer problems which 
> resulted in me losing over 6 months of recordings... I've also had a 
> pile of personal problems (mostly financial) which has made me realise 
> that I need to get the hell out of Paris. The music scene here sucks... 
> that is unless you produce euro-pop rehashes of 70's hits. More and 
> more venues are now resorting to installing CD players, as the 
> beaurocracy in getting permission for live music is too much hassle, 
> and there is now a huge crackdown on 'illegal street performances'....
> I'm giving up. I'm too old/tired/pissed off at having to 'suffer for my 
> art'... it aint romantic, and its not fun.
> Yup... I'm moving back to the UK (Plymouth)... probably within weeks.
> Re: the loopfest, I've been able to do very little. The venues that 
> have in-house P.A. systems are fully booked up months in advance... the 
> earliest that anyone can hope for is towards the winter. Even trying to 
> find a suitable small venue where I wont have to pay up-front for when 
> Rick Walker arrives at the end of June has proved impossible... :(
> I need someone to take over control of what I had hoped to start.... 
> any takers?
> Sorry to let you down guys....
> - Stu
> P.S. I have 1977 unread LD emails... is there a summary kicking around? 

What about Prague?  I'd heard it was the "Paris" for the 21st Century...

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