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Re: [Paris Loopfest] I probably wont be here :(

- On Tuesday, April 22, 2003, at 08:15  pm, mark wrote:
> My way of dealing with a similar bent in the states is to totally 
> separate my money making endeavors from my music making endeavors.  
> I've never been happier.  Good luck.

Thats one thing that I am trying to do. I don't like having to rely 
upon my music to put bread on the table, hence the need to move back to 
the UK. My contract at work finishes next week, and the job situation 
here is pretty bad - especially for foreigners.... :(

The recent crack-downs on 'street begging' (which, alas, I fall into 
that category) means that Paris will soon be a distant memory.

- On Wednesday, April 23, 2003, at 12:28  am, Travis Hartnett wrote:
> ... but consider the fact that every time a coffeeshop plays your CD, 
> they're not paying  some other musican to perform in the same space...

France does not have the coffeeshop scene that the US/UK has. In fact, 
I dont really know any venue other than a noisy pub that will have live 
music without you having to pay up-front. The scene here is completely 
different/non-existant from any other place I have ever been to.

- On Wednesday, April 23, 2003, at 02:09  am, Steve Goodman wrote:
> What about Prague?  I'd heard it was the "Paris" for the 21st 
> Century...

I'd love to try somewhere new... but alas, I don't have the finances or 
the energy to try something completely new at this moment. Maybe I'll 
get around there and visit one of these days. I'm going to take the 
easy option and head back to my old home town (Plymouth), at least for 
a while. I have many friends there who will happily take onboard a 
charity case for a short while whilst he gets his shit together :)

I've had one job lead already, to give a residency workshop at a 
prestigious music school - teaching them my version of live looping and 
giving violinists an opportunity to try instruments with extra 
strings... which is one job lead more than I have ever had in the 3.5 
years of living in gay Paris. Another bonus is that the UK seems quite 
open to street entertainers....

In other words, I think I'm making the right decision....

I just wish that I could have gotten this Paris loopfest off of the 
ground.... Hhhhmmm.... Plymouth loopfest anyone? :)

- Stu