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Re: Here's a tune called Mallorn (Re:Types of music)...

This list never ceases to amaze..

I not up on a lot of current music so I can not give you much in the 
way of
comparisons, (d&b type stuff)...  but Im pretty sure you've listened to 
some of
Mick Karn's  output.

I like you work.... please post more when you have the time.

On Tuesday, April 22, 2003, at 02:15 PM, Jesse Ray Lucas wrote:

> This is the first of my sequence+EDP tunes.  The fretless bass is all 
> live,
> input into the EDP the first time you hear each of the sections.  Then 
> the
> sequencer triggers the loops when they make their appearances later,
> allowing me to do other things (Rhodes, sample rate decimation, sample
> triggering, etc.) in between.
> The vocal sample that sounds somewhat like it's scratched on a 
> turntable (at
> 3:27, and 5:10) is performed live, using an option of the Yamaha A5000
> sampler's pitchbend controller section called "Slow&Reverse."  The 
> bottom
> half of the pitch wheel's movement slows the sample down to stop at 
> -4000,
> and then begins to play the sample backwards from -4001 to -8000 (or
> whatever the largest negative value of a pitchwheel control message 
> is).
> The drums were all programmed by hand in the piano roll view in Sonar 
> (mail
> me if you want the MIDI file for study), and the control functions for 
> the
> EDP were written as a MIDI track.  There is some sine wave bass around 
> 20Hz
> which may hurt your little PC speakers if you crank it too much.  Just 
> watch
> out.  I'm no mastering engineer.
> My server has been locking up lately, so if the download doesn't work 
> now,
> try it again in a few hours.
> http://www.neoprimitive.net/jlucas/audio/lto/mallorn.mp3
> Hope you like.  This is what type of music I write.  I wasn't sure 
> what to
> call it in a response to that thread, or maybe I just wasn't willing to
> label it.  But I'd be interested to hear what anyone/everyone else can
> equate it to.  Tripe, garbage, filth, shite, compulsive twitch, aggro
> electro rock, whatever.  :)
> -J