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Re: Volume pedal on the MPXG2

I have not yet tried it, but the G2 is very flexible as to where you 
can put each effect.  The EQ section seems pretty flexible and the 
overall fidelity of the device is great, so I imagine it will sound 


On Tuesday, April 22, 2003, at 09:19  AM, Louis Rossi wrote:

> How does that patch work/sound? Can you move it around ie. after 
> effect loop/ before echo etc
> thanks
>> Maybe the volume pedal you're talking about has some sort of filter 
>> that boosts lower frequencies as you back off the volume.  That would 
>> actually be pretty cool.  Maybe I'll try setting up a patch with the 
>> Lexicon MPXG2 that does that.
>> Mark Sottlaro