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Re: Volume pedals

I can't believe people dog the Ernie Ball volume pedal on this site. They
are a very robust, and smooth feeling and sounding volume pedal with a
great lifetime warranty rebuild feature.  EB's use potentiometers, which
are being supplied by another manufacturer. Sometimes you get bad ones,
Shit happens. Sometimes, and this is very true of the pots on your guitar
amp, people leave their volume pedals in a fixed position for an extended
period of time, which can cause scratchiness. Yes its true, pots on eb
pedals are sealed, but you can do what is recommended for tube amp pots,
and that is to periodically turn them several dozen times back and forth
over the full range of the pot. This can really help clean up a dirty pot
that still has life in it, but you have to be patient and do it several

Hey Hans, when are those new pedals available?

Bill Walker