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Re: Volume pedals

It will probably be a few months, but I don't really know.  I just 
it - somebody else is handling the dirty work.  Hopefully it's a good 
design (and build), and people won't have problems with it.


At 19:18 21/04/2003, Bill wrote:
>I can't believe people dog the Ernie Ball volume pedal on this site. They
>are a very robust, and smooth feeling and sounding volume pedal with a
>great lifetime warranty rebuild feature.  EB's use potentiometers, which
>are being supplied by another manufacturer. Sometimes you get bad ones,
>Shit happens. Sometimes, and this is very true of the pots on your guitar
>amp, people leave their volume pedals in a fixed position for an extended
>period of time, which can cause scratchiness. Yes its true, pots on eb
>pedals are sealed, but you can do what is recommended for tube amp pots,
>and that is to periodically turn them several dozen times back and forth
>over the full range of the pot. This can really help clean up a dirty pot
>that still has life in it, but you have to be patient and do it several
>Hey Hans, when are those new pedals available?
>Bill Walker