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Re: Volume pedals

yeah, it's definitely a personal taste thing

I mean, for selection switches and such, as long as they are durable and 
relatively positive (ie you know when you stepped on it) I don't care.

The thing about the "feel" of some pdeals that bothers me is that the rate 
doesn't feel smooth (to me), so like riding the attack on a pedal steel is 
harder for me with some pedals than with others.

I have that problem with the X-15 midi controller, OK for setting 
on the fly that don't require one to ride a "sweet spot"

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   *laughing*   -Am I the only one who doesn't give a load of dingo's
kidneys what type of volume pedal I use?!   -as long as it sounds good!
lol!  I have a stereo EB, -borrowed a Morely wah/volume from Dre when I was
last out in Cali, -have a roland FV-60, and don't even use a straight
volume pedal most of the time, as I use midi controllers alot.   lol!
They all work and sound fine.  <smile>  -just my thoughts of course...



    At 11:27 AM 4/21/03 -0600, you wrote:
 >I really like the feel of my EB, for me that's what makes the diff (had
 >morelys, dunlops, etc)
 >probably just personal taste, but it feels like a well desinged brake 
 >I know how it's going to react so it's just more comfortable and feels 
 >good user interface
 >BTW - I like it bricky
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h, it's definitely a personal tase thing

I'm with you for most pedal

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