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Re: Volume pedals

    Sometimes you get a lemon.  It happens.  I have used my Ernie Ball VP
for every gig I have played for the last two and a half years and it works
fine.  The only bummer about a passive volume pedal is that there seems to
be a low frequency roll-off as you decrease the volume.  Not good for bass

    I have heard that the Visual Volume volume pedal from Visual Audio,
which is passive and no longer in production, solves the bass roll-off
problem somehow.  It takes a nine volt battery to power a strip of LEDs up
the side of the pedal which indicate the pedal position, so you can 
your pedal position, rather than "earball" it, as I like to say.  The audio
circuitry, though, is passive.  You can still find them on Ebay once in a
while.  They go for about $100.  Alain Caron and Anthony Jackson (bass
players) both used these pedals last time I checked.

    Yeah, it's a bummer the new EB volume pedals are going to be made in
Malaysia, but I'm glad that the one I bought helped support American
families.  I probably would have been less grumpy about paying so much for
it, if I knew that when I bought it.


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> The last one I had had a scratchy pot after about 8 months of
> use. What a POS. No amount of tuner lube could clean it up
> because there was no way to spray it into the pot.
> I now own a Morley volume pedal. I'd rather not depend on crap
> for critical applications.
> Yep. Screw those American workers. Something to be damm proud of.
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