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Re: Volume pedals

I'm not proud of that at all, but those are not my decisions to make.  I 
designed it with the belief that it would be made right here in 
SLO.  Hopefully we will at least be able to get hard-working Americans 
Mark the quality gear they need without breaking the bank.  From what I've 
seen, they do a pretty good job over there.  They might even be better 

Have a nice day,


> > Very soon, you will start seeing a smaller version of the EB volume 
> > hit the shelves, which I personally re-engineered to save aluminum 
> > sacrificing durability.  It's smaller and somewhat less clunky, and 
> > lighter, but essentially the same design.  It's being made in Malaysia 
> > believe, so I hope it will be significantly less expensive than the
>regular VP.
>Yep. Screw those American workers. Something to be damm proud of.
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