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Re: Volume pedals

On Monday, April 21, 2003, at 09:52 AM, Jesse Ray Lucas wrote:

> The only bummer about a passive volume pedal is that there seems to be 
> a low frequency roll-off as you decrease the volume.  Not good for 
> bass players.

A simple passive tone control shouldn't actually lower the amount of 
low frequency energy in your signal.  I could be wrong, but you're 
probably just experiencing the fact that human hearing is non linear in 
the volume range.  An equal amount of bass will just not sound as loud 
at lower volumes as it will when "cranked."  Lot's of home stereo gear 
has a "loudness" volume that's designed to compensate for our lack of 
sensitivity in bass frequencies at lower volumes.

Maybe the volume pedal you're talking about has some sort of filter 
that boosts lower frequencies as you back off the volume.  That would 
actually be pretty cool.  Maybe I'll try setting up a patch with the 
Lexicon MPXG2 that does that.

Mark Sottlaro