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Re: Volume pedals

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From: "armatronix" <armatronix@charter.net>

> Well, one thing about Ernie Ball pedals is that they are made in the
> U.S.A., by workers who earn a living wage.  The other thing is, they are
> built to last forever.  The pots and strings wear out eventually, but 
> are completely renewable.  Third, they are built with an extremely high
> quality specification which dictates a lot of careful handling.  Look
> closely at all of the the beveled edges - they're done by hand with a
> file.  Now, all of this is not necessary, but the boss believes that it
> the right way to do things, and I tend to agree for the most part (even 
> it is somewhat over-engineered).  When you figure in materials cost,
> machining, labor, and packaging, the Ball family is probably not making a
> lot of money (if any) off of a volume pedal.  But they sell a lot of
> strings, so it enables them to make high-quality guitars and volume 
> for a reasonable price.

The last one I had had a scratchy pot after about 8 months of
use. What a POS. No amount of tuner lube could clean it up
because there was no way to spray it into the pot.

I now own a Morley volume pedal. I'd rather not depend on crap
for critical applications.

> Very soon, you will start seeing a smaller version of the EB volume pedal
> hit the shelves, which I personally re-engineered to save aluminum 
> sacrificing durability.  It's smaller and somewhat less clunky, and much
> lighter, but essentially the same design.  It's being made in Malaysia I
> believe, so I hope it will be significantly less expensive than the
regular VP.

Yep. Screw those American workers. Something to be damm proud of.

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* microtonal guitar
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