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Re: MXL Mic was Recording tools

> I'm curious: since you've got a couple of those
> MXL's, is the sound quality 
> and tone consistent from mic to mic?  They sound
> like a pretty good deal, 
> but I don't want to have to go out and buy four of
> them in succession just 
> to find a single one that sounds decent.
> And I don't mind a bit of 'coloration' at all (heck,
> that's precisely why 
> you buy some mics), but what kind of sound sources
> do you find it works 
> best upon?

I would be the wrong person to ask about this since I
am known to use good to bad mics for whatever desired
effect I am looking for. 

Consistency wise the two I have don't let me down. If
you mean consistently sounding good / decent - yeup
they keep to that between the two models I have. Are
they the right ones for you? I couldn't tell you. 

The 990 sounds good for my singer since his voice is
rather weak and has no body. I use the V63M to mic up
my Blues Deville 4 x 10 sometimes incorporating the
990 as an ambient mic. I have also used the 990 for my
12 string and dug the tone I got out of it.

For the price I think they are one of the most decent
mics you can get.

Why not pick one up and if you don't like it return
it. They have many models to choose from that are more
expensive than the ones that MF carries if the cheap
price scares you :)

FYI: Marshal Electronics: http://www.mxlmics.com/

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