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Re: Recording tools

At 05:18 PM 4/15/2003 -0700, Squid Loop wrote:
>Those MXL mics are pretty cool if you don't mind a bit
>of coloration on the sound. With digital I find myself
>searching for some color when I record. I have 2 of

I'm curious: since you've got a couple of those MXL's, is the sound 
and tone consistent from mic to mic?  They sound like a pretty good deal, 
but I don't want to have to go out and buy four of them in succession just 
to find a single one that sounds decent.

And I don't mind a bit of 'coloration' at all (heck, that's precisely why 
you buy some mics), but what kind of sound sources do you find it works 
best upon?


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