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re: Recording tools

Depends what you want to record.  

There are specific mics for specific purposes.  The SM-57 is a good mic 
for live performance as it is durable.  Dynamic mics like the SM-57 are 
often used on drums in the studio.  They are supposedly the mic of 
choice by some singers in the studio, too, but I think there are better 
mics for acoustic instruments and vocals.  Generally speaking, 
studio-quality mics don't travel well,  so you might keep this in mind.

My suggestion is to take a little time and search for usenet discussions 
or for white papers on microphone types - and I don't mean searching the 
Musicians Friend on-line catalog...

A couple of inexpensive-but-good condensor mics that you might research 
on usenet groups such as Product.SONAR on the news.cakewalk.com server:

Studio Projects C-1 (excellent vocal mic) at about $225
Oktava MC012 (MK012) at Guitar Center for about $99, but you must 
audition due to QC problems (excellent on acoustic instruments)
Rode NT5 (about $250/pair new on ebay) Sold as a matched set and are 
said to be nice on drums or on acoustic instruments

Looping content - Say has anybody here been to the Saturday loopfest at 
Chama (NYC) lately?  Haven't seen much discussion here of same...

Dan Ash

Recording tools
Chris Richards <kohntarkosz@yahoo.com>
Tue, 15 Apr 2003 16:35:17 -0700 (PDT)


OK, folks, my Fostex VF80 arrived yesterday. I
bought it for $525 including shipping from
someone on E-bay, and it seems to work fine. 

Now, I need to ask if anyone has any suggestions
about microphones and headphones. I'm looking at
getting a Shure SM-57, as it looks like they're
available relatively cheaply on E-bay (one guy is
selling SM-57's for about 90 a pop, and he throws
in a 20 feet mic cable to boot). What about
headphones? I imagine those are gonna be kinda
pricey. Any thoughts here, folks?