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RE: Hard Drive Recorders

I am selling a Roland vs-1880, it came bundled with Logic audio, I have a 
hardshell case and all manuals with it.  Contact of the list at 
ksanger@keene.edu if you are interested.  Thanks.

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I just picked up a Fostex VF160 and I can't believe
the quality of the thing. Sounds like it has
everything you are needing. 8 simultaneous recordable
tracks - all 16 can be recorded simultaneously if you
use an optional adat and comes with a cdr burner and
20 gig hard drive. If you chuck the manual (fostex
doesn't seem to know how to translate a manual written
in japanese to english very well) the thing is pretty
damn easy to use. E-mail me off list if you need more

--- Jhsidlo@aol.com wrote:
>      I'm looking for recommendations on hard drive
> recorders from the $200-$800 range.Histories of
> dependability would be nice. I'm looking at Fostex,
> Yamaha, Roland and Tascam. I'd need at least four
> simultaneous recordable tracks (eight would be
> better).With a cdr burner.
>      If this is too off topic, please respond to my
> e-mail address.
>                           Thanks, James

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