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Re: Getting rid of the Vortex...

Quoting Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net>:
> while I've grown to really like this way of working.  It's like 
> threading a tape machine.  A limitation, but one that can be good to 
> work with.

yes, working with the echoplex got me used to the fact i would have to 
a loop.

> Don't hold your breath.  I'm not saying the Repeater is for you.  It's 
> far from perfect, but most interesting gear has it's quirks.

i'm not holding it. i think dave torn put it best when he said ... well 
whatever it was that he said about that. i remember him liking all his 
for different reasons. i've realised that maybe rhythm-oriented looper 
aren't the best for me, but i'd love to be proven wrong.

> Show me a 
> moog that's a perfect instrument and I'll.. well you get the idea.

you haven't seen my Liberation, have you?

haha ... just kidding.

actually i played a Moog V'ger a couple weeks ago and felt it was the 
Moog i'd ever played that could replace my Liberation.

Eric Williamson

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