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Re: Getting rid of the Vortex...

Heres my turn to express my love for the Vortex
you may remember that I was talking about getting a PCM80 to replace the
vortex, I bought one, beautiful, took the place of the vortex in the
rack but it just isnt the same you cannot replace the vortex and it went
back into the rack and instead I retired my quadraverb 1.
the main reason for me was that one song (my albums : vive la force
jaune ) wich I like to play and is _the_  vortex song. A panning delay
that has a cool filter slow swell (Atmosphere B) and the pedal is
patched to the enveloppe param wich brings in the modulators

The vortex has this crazy accident quality that the most programmable
and powerful toy have lost
I love it


PS:you can even extract the tempo from the EDP's beat sync out thanks to
M Grob's diode trick (search the archives...:=)