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Ibanez DM1000

Greetings, good people of Loop-
    I picked up an Ibanez DM1000 at a yard sale for an obscenely low amount
of money last summer and just fired it up a couple of nights ago. Two
1) I tried searching online for a manual, but no luck. It's an easy unit to
use, but I'd like to have the document, if only for spec's sake.
2) As fun as it may be, I may well sell it. It's in very good cosmetic
condition (one knob missing, otherwise very clean) and sounds flawless. To
paraphrase the Don, "Make me an offer. I can't refuse." More info re. the
unit's features, etc. are available if you e-mail me at
Douglas Baldwin, the coyote who may yet turn Long Island into Looper's