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Re: Laptop recommendations(why a laptop at all?)

Just found this browsing around the pcpowercooling.com site.


These things are about half-way between a desktop and a laptop: 1U
rack-mountable, and have a PCI slot.  They fit in a little case, too, and
come in well under $2000 before monitor.

> > Can't say anything about the vibration and shock damage risk except 
> > already conceeded to that in my first post.  But what gear can you
> > expect to be able to throw around anyway?
> Sure, but then why buy a rack mount? Just get one of those $20 pc 'lug
> straps' and carry your pc around that way.

Because having it racked minimizes the number of connections that have to 
made during on-stage setup.  Just plug in the power and the monitor and
you're on, plus the rack does provide *some* protection and makes the PC
stackable with other racks.