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Re: Laptop recommendations(why a laptop at all?)

> True, noise is an issue if you are doing really sensitive music in small
> spaces at low volumes.  But if you are rocking out at a club, then no one
> will hear.  But, honestly, the laptop I do have (a 400Mhz P2 Dell) is
> as loud as my rack-mount PC.  Seagate Barracuda ATA II hard drives are
> quiet, I would recommend them to anyone using IDE drives (do they make a
> SCSI version?).  Here's a place to try for quiet power supplies and CPU
> fans:  http://pcpowercooling.com/

Yes, I have a bunch of their stuff. Good site.

> Can't say anything about the vibration and shock damage risk except that 
> already conceeded to that in my first post.  But what gear can you really
> expect to be able to throw around anyway?

Sure, but then why buy a rack mount? Just get one of those $20 pc 'lug
straps' and carry your pc around that way.

> True, again, about the standard rack-mount case depth problem.  I have
> wondered about that for a while now and was expecting to have a custom
> built.  I was pleasantly surprized to discover that my Gator GRC-10X6 
> (http://www.gatorcases.com/sections/prdct/prdct-mixer.htm) is deep enough
> hold the 21" PC chassis.  (It will probably end up being the 4U PC
> the 1U Aardvark Q10, keyboard/mouse drawer, then a mixer on the top, and 
> power conditioner in the rear.  A powerful, mostly-portable project