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Re: Laptop recommendations(why a laptop at all?)

On Tuesday, April 1, 2003, at 04:05 PM, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL wrote:

> The other salient factor is the price.............right now for the 
> price it
> would take me to buy a closed architecture Titanium 800 mghz laptop I 
> can get a state of the art and upgradeable PC laptop.

I'm not trying to fuel the debate (I work on Macs and PCs every day and 
mostly it makes no difference, I'd just rather not fund Microsoft) but 
what do you mean by "Closed architecture"?  Macs have taken standard 
RAM, Hard Drives, USB and Firewire hookups for a long time now.  There 
are even 3rd party processor upgrades for most models.  You mentioned 
Closed Architecture before too, and I'm not clear on what it means.

 From what I can tell, most laptops are of limited and expensive 
upgradeability on both platforms.  It's the price you pay for 

On another standpoint in the price/vs portability topic, I'm still 
unclear as to why a laptop is the best way to go.  Sure, you can run a 
cool VST synth and maybe a few effects, but there's usually a latency 
hit after you get too many VST instruments begging for clock cycles.  
Every time I've looked into doing laptop music, I come away thinking, 
"For the same money I could buy a KILLER workstation and a looper, but 
that perform much better.

I played around with the new Roland V Synth last weekend and WOOO HOOO 
that seems like a fun toy.  The audio demos on line do not do it 
justice at all.  Sure, I can't surf the web with it, but I think you'd 
be hard pressed to find a laptop and software for the same price that 
was as cool and versatile.  Just some thoughts.  It's a hell of a lot 
bigger too but it's got a built in keyboard, KAOSS pad type controller 
and an airFX style controller too.

Mark Sottilaro