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Eventides and Looping

Eric  and everybody on Loopers Delight:

I am in the middle of 3 new operative systems clean up and beta testing
(Dsp7000/7500/Orville)...meaning that schedule is busy as hell. 
I have started compiling a LONG and exhaustive (hopefully) document w/deep
description of looping on Eventides. I have already got to a good
point...but it needs a lot of more time to work and my day is running on
18hrs work these days. As soon as I'll be able to complete it, I'll post 
Hopefully  Kim will use it to add the deserved info on this topic in the
"Tools of the trade" section of LD, where an Eventide section is present 
a looping description is missing since the beginning of time.

Please be patient; I'll be able to get it within a few days at the most. 
will rewarded by your waiting.

Thank you everybody

Italo De Angelis

EVENTIDE...the Next Step...
Italo De Angelis
Preset Design Engineer - Audio Division
Forum/Customer Support : EVENTIDE HELPS

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> Quoting Italo De Angelis <italoop@libero.it>:
> > Maybe I should list the LOOP presets and include descriptions to show
that we
> > are not simply doing 10 sec mono multitap delay.
> that would an extremely helpful contribution to the list. i've spent the
past 4 days digging through the
> archives of LD and your Eventide list trying to learn the details of 
rackmount looping solution i
> wasn't already familiar with. i haven't came up with much other than 
references to different boxes'
> capabilities.
> even on the eventide list i didn't find much talk about these looping
presets that Dr Zvonar wrote, they
> sound fascinating in passing.
> also, does the "reverse delay" module on the DSP7k/Orvl use the sampling
memory pool or the main
> memory pool?
> i'm also going to have to download the KSP8 manual now that there's been 
positive review made of it.
> when they first announced it i didn't really "get" what exactly it was
capable of.
> thanks,
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> Eric Williamson
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