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Re: KSP8 first impressions....it

>yes...but the KSP8 is nearly a thousand dollars cheaper than the 7K!  that
>makes a very big difference for a lot of folks.

>i have both: KSP8 and DSP7000.  they're both awesome machines.  does the
>eventide have a bigger brain?  yes.  is the eventide more flexible? 
>on who you ask.

No, it's definitely more flexable. Open platform means that you can 
completely build your own algorithms, control, modulation and UI.
Can't do that on any other hardware platform.

>is the eventide deeper?  yes.  is one better than the
>other?  nobody can answer that question.

32 years of FX processing history makes a big difference.
7 generations of products, world class studios, FoH, artists using 
Everybody can answer this question.

>as far as i'm concerned, i wouldn't part with either unit.  they're both
>very loop-friendly 

We have bankd of LOOPING only presets, David.
We have done work for looping/serial music masters on our boxes.
Maybe I should list the LOOP presets and include descriptions to show that 
we are not simply doing 10 sec mono multitap delay.

>and when used in tandem with my EDPs, the sounds and
>routings are virtually endless...very different boxes, both indespensible
>for me.

I don't discuss the usefulness or the quality of the 2 boxes, simply the 
openess/wider variety of applications/efx/looping tools/.
Definitely an Eventide advantage.


Italo De Angelis
Preset Design Engineer - Audio Division