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Re: KSP8 first impressions....it

Quoting Italo De Angelis <italoop@libero.it>:
> Maybe I should list the LOOP presets and include descriptions to show 
>that we
> are not simply doing 10 sec mono multitap delay.

that would an extremely helpful contribution to the list. i've spent the 
past 4 days digging through the 
archives of LD and your Eventide list trying to learn the details of EVERY 
rackmount looping solution i 
wasn't already familiar with. i haven't came up with much other than vague 
references to different boxes' 

even on the eventide list i didn't find much talk about these looping 
presets that Dr Zvonar wrote, they 
sound fascinating in passing.

also, does the "reverse delay" module on the DSP7k/Orvl use the sampling 
memory pool or the main 
memory pool?

i'm also going to have to download the KSP8 manual now that there's been a 
positive review made of it. 
when they first announced it i didn't really "get" what exactly it was 
capable of.

Eric Williamson

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