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Re: KSP8 first impressions....it

Title: Re: KSP8 first impressions....it
At 12:52 PM -0500 4/1/03, Eric Williamson wrote:

even on the eventide list i didn't find much talk about these looping presets that Dr Zvonar wrote, they sound fascinating in passing.

The 4-track program is a fairly straightforward delay-based looper. Scot Gilfix took my basic algorithm and made several variations for the release version, but here are the essentials:

Four loops running in parallel

Loop lengths are set individually as multiples of an underlying "measure" length

This measure can be set to a particular number of beats

There is a master tempo and a visual metronome

Choice of any single input can be made by the external control pedal

Parameters of individual channels that can be controlled from the front panel or via MIDI;

Input levels
Feedback levels
Loop lengths
Output levels
Playback pitch
Lowpass filter

It works pretty well within the confines of a delay-based looping paradigm, and I use it in some of my own performances. It could certainly be modified by anyone who is capable with Vsig,  and it could be combined in series with Machine B on the Orville.

Richard Zvonar, PhD      
(818) 788-2202