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RE: Feedback Pedal

Hi all--
I have been using MIDI with the PMC to control feedback for quite some time
and notice no discrepancy--however, I have not ventured into the other Loop
IV modes that require the pedal to be plugged in directly either.  What I
have found with Loop IV is that I was already employing some of its 
using the advanced MIDI features of the PMC with Loop III.  There are some
really cool things, however, that are only available with Loop IV.  BTW, I
am using Boss FV-60 pedals (two of 'em ) with the PMC, and still have a
FV-50 to use directly with the EDP (should the need arise).
PS  I have recently upgraded my Ztar with the new ZPC software; it includes
a looping sequencer--sends clock too, although the BPM is fixed, not
"dynamically allocated" according to loop length (fuck!).  I will share 
as I discover more; but I took it to a gig and everything seemed to work
fine, so I am happy to publicly announce its existence.  I assume all new
units are shipping with it.
PPS  Hey I just thought of something!  I can automate the EDP recording by
playing back a drum sequence in the Ztar, and adding note on commands for
the EDP, then play 'em back from the Ztar.  I'll try that soon and see if
that pops any chakras.

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Can the EDP Feedback be controlled via midi such as an Expression
connected to PMC10 (under Loop III), or is it strictly through the jack
on the back of the EDP?  If it can be controlled via midi, is the
response any different between analog or midi control?


> or any source of midi continuous controllers. However, there are some
> things that can only be done with the pedal, especially some
> of the new
> interface modes in LoopIV.
> kim